Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sparkles Turns Twelve.

Dear Little 4:

I have been pretending lately like this day isn't coming.
Like it wouldn't come.

But it came.

You turned twelve.
You are officially a Young Woman.
You will attend Mutual for crying out loud!!

It is almost too much for me to take.
But I will take it.
I will.

You requested Pineapple Chicken and Fried Rice and Watermelon for your
Birthday Dinner.  And a Lemonade Cake.

But the best thing about you today?
The only present you wanted is to go to the Temple
and do Baptisms for the dead.  Stat.

So we are going on Tuesday...and we might even sneak
you out of school to do it!

Don't tell anyone.

4, I have loved you since the minute I knew you existed.
And I would do anything for you.

Happy Birthday!

Love Forever,

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