Thursday, April 10, 2014



Our precious little Twin B is adopted.
He is a Hughes.

His name?


Told you it was awesome!

Also, he is now B, because he is 15 days older than Louie.
So Louie is now C.
Just so you know.
 Today was awesome in every way.
Joey was SO cute at court and was smiling from ear to ear.
It was like he really understood what was happening.
That's my boy.
 We got Joey when he was 10 months old.
What I wouldn't give for that first 10 months of his life!
I would give almost anything.....I really would.
But the important thing is that we have him now and forever.

 Dear Joey:
I love you so much!
I thought today would never feels like it took forever!!

But it came, and now here we are.

Joey, you are the sweetest, most sensitive kid in our house.
You are the ONLY one who pats the baby and kisses her...
even if you are tearing around at break-neck speed, you always find the
time to stop and kiss the baby.

No one else does that, only you.
Do you know how incredible that is?
How it sets the tone for your life?
Little things like that....that is who you are.

I love how you pat my face and hold my hand when you sit on my lap.
You are the little boy that every single Mom dreams about.....crazy and boyish but sweet and snuggly too.

I am SO grateful I made the phone call that day so long ago.
"I want Louie to have a black brother."  I told my agency, "I don't want him to be
the only black little kid in our large, white family."  They thought that was an awesome idea and


You had been through so much....SO, SO much.

So much that I'm not putting it on this blog.  Because it is your personal story to tell
to those you want to tell it too.

But know this.  You came to the exact right family at the exact right time.

Every single last one of us loves you SO much.
We couldn't love you more.
We couldn't be prouder of you.
We couldn't be more excited to be your family.
Especially me.


Love you so much.

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