Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hasta La Vista Elementary School!

 Holy Crap.
4 is done with 6th grade!
Well, tomorrow she is.

I have often wondered why Heavenly Father
didn't make days 36 or even 48 hours long.

Didn't He know how fast time would go by?
How much Mothers would panic at
the rate their children were growing?

It's too fast!

But I guess I will just have to trust Him that he knows what he is doing.....

And she is off to Junior High next year, and
I seriously, honestly, seriously can't believe it.
But I will survive.
What choice do I have?

Dear 4:
I love you so much sometimes it scares me.
I could never live in a World where you didn't exist.
You are the most precious thing.

If you must go to Junior High then you must....
Just as long as we are still
best buddies.



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