Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Peace Out Payne.

 And it's off to High School (High School!!!)
for 3.

Because we have 6 more kids who will go to good 'ol Payne Jr. High.
So it's only Peace Out for 3.
Just to be clear.

And this transition, for some reason, 
isn't as hard for me
as you would think.

I have had kids in High School since 2004 or so, so it feels comfortable.
I love High School!

It will be so fun for her.

Now.... enjoy all her selfies that only involve
her bestie or Volleyball. And one of track.

Because she is upwards and onwards.

 On a plane to Denver for Volleyball regionals.
Hopefully they apologized to the nice lady
next to Alana for being in all of their selfies.

Dear 3:

You are so pretty.
You are so motivated.
You work so hard
at school and volleyball.

I love you for working so hard.
It makes my heart hurt I love you so much.

You are going to have a great life!
You are on your way, 
just stay on course and
it will be Awesome!

I believe in you.
I will always believe in you.


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