Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Weekend on The Coast

 Background on this picture:  We have taken a "handstand at the beach picture of 2 on every beach trip since she was super little.  2 can do a handstand, in any position, on any surface, all day long.  4 can do a somewhat decent handstand for probably like 5 seconds, which isn't too shabby.  3?  If 3 can get upright into a handstand for any amount of time, that is a beach miracle.  I'm not sure how they got this shot, but it probably went something like this: "She's up!!  OMG she made it up!!  Take it,  HURRY  TAKE. IT. NOW." 
 So a couple of weeks ago, 2 was a bridesmaid in a wedding.
A wedding at the beach!
I mean, the actual wedding was in the temple.
But it was a temple near the beach!
And being 2, she let 3 and 4 tag along.
So they could all have a fun weekend at the beach.
2 is always doing things like that for others.  Especially for 3 and 4.
2 really is that awesomely thoughtful.
She really, really is.
Dear 2:
Your thoughtfulness towards others does not go unnoticed.
Not by me.
Not by anyone.
I know.  I promise you I know.
I know that a TON of your decisions include others.
Especially 3 and 4.
And I am forever grateful to you for that.
And I love you.
And I know your heart.
And I love you.
So much.
 The official beach handstand pic.
 I saw this picture of the bride and bridesmaids (2 on the far right)
on the beach and I VOWED that one of my daughters will do this.
Are you kidding me with this picture?

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