Friday, August 21, 2015

Themeless Post #34

One of the many family pictures I had taken as a single mom.
This one just might be my favorite because If you look close,
every single one of their personalities are completely on display here:
1: pretty, sporty, my right hand man
2: proper form ALWAYS,  best hair ever, gorgeous
3: different, stylish, most stunning little girl in the history of the earth
4: precious, sassy, sweeter than sweet, my love

 This is the day B was supposed to give a talk in Primary.
That's not B.
B practiced, B was excited, B was ready.
Then B realized he would be speaking in front of real, live people.
So C stepped in and saved the day.
B and C save each other all the time.
Twins for life.
This is the epitome of Summer of 15.
Sprinkler, water shooters, long summer afternoons.
I love my life. 
B and the animals.
On repeat all day, every day.
At this point they all just surrender and cooperate.
Even the chickens.
 One of those lazy Sunday afternoons.
Underwear, pajamas, church clothes all in one shot.
Can't play in the water, can't have friends over.
You are stuck with your siblings.
So you go on walks to the canal.
In your unders.
 Are you kidding me with this face?
Like seriously, is this for real?
So pretty.
 Irrigation day is and will always be the best day of the month.
Cut off shorts and an ACRE of a pool?
Dreams coming true all over the place right there.

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