Friday, August 14, 2015

Views in the Farmhouse: Master Bedroom Edition

 I have NEVER considered myself a Shabby Chic person.
My style is totally modern Brady Bunch plus Pink.
But for some reason, over the years, I have amassed a gigantic collection of shabby chic stuff.
Because it's pretty.
So pretty.
But do I want it in my living room?  Nope.
But could I ever bear to part with it?  Nope.
So as I was planning my Master Bedroom, I decided to go totally shabby. 
Because I knew I wouldn't allow it anywhere else in my house.
And people are always shocked when they see it because it's so not me.
But it's SO pretty!!
Also, a couple things:
I love my husband more than anything.  He wants an "adorable" fluffy recliner.  So he has one. And his happiness is worth ruining my room's look.
You know all those people who are like, NO TV'S IN THE BEDROOM. Or like, I TOTALLY DON'T WATCH TV, I'D RATHER BE IN NATURE.  Yea.  That's not us.  There will never not be a TV in my bedroom.  We like our shows.  And we are not too cool to say so.

Hughes made a platform bed for me.  It has like 86 cinderblocks holding up the wood underneath, even though it's so pretty you would never know..  It's heaven.  Try it.  You will NEVER go back to a flimsy bedsprings and boxsprings and a bed that sags in the middle.  It's honestly heaven.
A crisp white slatted headboard against creamy walls?  Sign me up all day long.
It's fun to see our rooms through the years.  So stay posted for a tour of every room we have done.......because now that they are done I am not touching them again for ten years.
Not a day sooner. Not even a throw pillow.

Well, maybe a throw pillow.

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