Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hughes' Obsession with Our Sleeping Children part A.

So Hughes is 100 percent a GREAT dad.
He is completely plugged in.
He is involved in parenting every day, all day.
It's super awesome. To have such a partner.
It is SO awesome.
And my favorite thing about his obsession with being a good parent?
His obsession with our sleeping children.
He can't get enough of them in their weird little sleeping positions.  I often hear him giggling in the morning or late at night when he gets another awesome shot.  He loves it and I love him.
And we do have some of them as babies, but they are on another phone.
Also I have about 70 more I will post on other posts.
So please don't worry.  There will be like 10 more posts just like this one.
For reals. 

Dear Hughes:
I knew you would be an awesome dad when you met my daughters that day so long ago,
and they all instantly loved you.
Even the teenagers.
They had never liked anyone I had dated.
Not one single one.
And then you sauntered in, on paper such a totally inappropriate suitor.
And they were expecting to roll their eyes at me yet again.

But that didn't happen.

Five minutes in and they L O V E D you.
And I knew right then that parenting with you would be the best thing I ever did.
And it is.
And I love you.  So much.

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