Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kids Trivia!!!!! 2015 Version.

It's Trivia Time!
Also, I want to know how much my kids even know about themselves.
Let's begin... (answers follow the questions below)
1.  Which kid was an actual competitive clogger?
2. Which kid has needed some speech therapy? (We LOVE speech therapy!!)
3. Which kid is, to date, the fastest?  (no one else can even come close)
4.  Which kids were totally and completely planned?
5.  Which kids were super unplanned and super unexpected?
6. Which is the only kid who has never wanted to sleep with me in my bed?
7. Who walked the earliest?
8. Who walked the latest?
9. Who weighed the most?
10. Who weighed the least?
11. Who needs sunscreen the least?
12. Who needs sunscreen the most?
13. Who is the nicest?
14.  Who is the meanest?
15. Who is the overall most athletic?
16. Who is the most rotten and spoiled?
17. Who has chopped their own hair the most?
18.  Who gives the best dirty looks?
19. Quirkiest personality?
20. Who is the only kid who was super attached to a blankie?
21. Who is the most well behaved kid of all time?
22. Who is most addicted to cats?  And all the animals actually?
23.  Busiest baby ever born?
24. Who takes homework the most seriously?
25. The kid who has no boundaries?  And loves to invade personal space?
26. The one kid who has never EVER had separation anxiety from us?
1.  Yes, 4 WOULD be the obvious answer.  It's also wrong.  The answer is 1 AND 2.  Yep.
2. 4 and A.
3.  It's 3.  Until the boys grow up.
4. 2, 3, A, B, C
5. 1, 4, 5, 6,
6. C.  And yes I am offended.
7. 3.  At 9 1/2 months. It was horrible.
8. 2.  At 14 months.  Ironic, right?  Since she can, to this day, do a backflip on a 4" beam.
9. That would be 1.  At an even 8 pounds.  And yes, I still hold it against her.
10. I know, I know.  You want to guess 2 or 5 or 6.  But it was 4, coming in at 6lbs 5 oz.
11.  It's totally A.  Yes I'm serious.
12. It's not who you think.  It's 2.  It's sad.
13. No competition.  It's 100 percent B.
14. 3.  It's always 3.  She teases to tears.  Lame.
15.  1 for sure.  But the boys are getting bigger.......
16. Of course it's 6.  We are a total clich√© you guys.
17. It's 5.  Can you believe that?
18.  C.  Hands down. 
19.  A.  It will always be A.  It will never not be A.
20. It's C.  His blanket is filthy.  I am not amused.
21. 5.  She is so good that sometimes when she IS bad Hughes and I do a happy dance behind her back because she is normal.  That really happens.
22.  You want to guess 1, I know.  But it's B.  Totally B.
23.  That's a close one, but 6 takes the cake.
24.  5.  It's 5.  If that kid reminds me ONE MORE TIME that she needs to do her homework....
25. B for sure.  That kid and his personal space issues.
26.  Well, for sure it's not 2.  It's 6.  And it's offensive.

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