Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First Day of Preschool for A.

It FINALLY came.
A's big day finally came.
His first day of real preschool.
He was so excited running around the morning before it was time to leave that he threw up.
That is some real excitement.
And now, in his own words, the best parts of the first day of preschool:
Playing on the trampoline with everybody at preschool.
When the big girl stepped on a red spider and it stinged her.
Sitting by "Batman Boy" (????) at the table.
When Ms. Jodi read a Mickey Mouse story and another Mickey Mouse story.
Putting his yellow folder in his Superman backpack.
Taking his yellow folder out of his Superman backpack.
Drinking water from his avengers assemble water bottle
Three words: Darth Vader lunchbox.
When he opened his lunch box and Darth Vader said: "dooo dooo weee dooo"
I don't speak Vader so I can't translate, sorry.
Telling us all about his crush on the big girl who stepped on the red spider.
Dear A:
You could not be any funnier if you tried.
Honestly, you couldn't.
You are the first person I have ever met who narrates their life, live.
It's awesome.  Mostly.
But mostly?  Mostly I just feel so crazy lucky
that it's me.  That I'm your mom.
I'm SO lucky.
And I love you more than anything in the World.
And I always will.
It was a great day for A.

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