Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pioneer Day 2015

Pioneer Day!  Pioneer Day!
Hands down, one of my favorite days of the year.  So good.
As usual we attended the festivities in Taylor/Snowflake:
Parade - Jess & Suzi Hughes Reunion - Rodeo - Fireworks
Highlights this year:
Super awesome junkyard cars in the parade.
4's friend riding in the parade with huge promises to throw oodles of candy, then throwing one piece.
Continuing our family addiction to Watermelon.
Except me, I hate Watermelon.
I try so hard to like it.  I WANT to like it.  But I hate it.
Awesome reunion games, full of water.
The best Pioneer Day reunion game ever, a trivia game about three generations of our family.
Learning new/old stories as we discussed each family member, so many Pioneers!
Yummy food.  Ridiculously yummy food.
4 chasing the money calf at the rodeo and actually getting a fiver off of it.
The entire rodeo crowd singing along to "And I'm Proud To Be an American" during fireworks.
The little Rodeo Princesses.  Kills me everytime.
Super Awesome fireworks show.
And... being so proud to be a descendant of Mormon Pioneers.
Dear Bryce, Hughes, Veater, Henrie Pioneers:
I am so proud to either be your descendant or to be married into your family!
Your Pioneer sacrifices weren't in vain.  They weren't!
We all live on today.  Proud to be your heritage, and proud to tell your stories.
And proud of you.
And I thank each one of you.
We all do.

 Meanwhile, in China:
(it's true, 2 is on a month long trip to China)

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