Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mothering Skillz.

First things first.
This is Devyn McKell.
She is my ridiculously precious granddaughter.
The day she married in (with her father, Michael) (to Jordan)
to the family was EVERY BIT as exciting as the day
Carver was born.  I mean, LOOK AT HER!!  She  couldn't
be more loved by us.  She just couldn't.  Also, she lost her first tooth.
Also we are all obsessed with her.
Moving on.....
So I pretty much text my oldest 4 all day.
I for reals dread the day when all 9 of my kids have phones.
I will do nothing but text and facetime.
I will have to hire a maid and a cook. And a taxi driver.
 Not kidding.
Anyways, these 4 are texting me always.
And these 4 conversations this week were SO
spot on with their personalities I had to document it
for future generations.  It's pretty much everything you need
to know about them in one snapshot.
1:  Really, the only person in the entire family who 100% gets my
personality nuances and I get hers. We are definitely the most alike
and can pretty much just say one word when we mean an entire paragraph.
Also, in all fairness, the other 3 are harassing me.  And I'm harassing 1.
2: OMG.  When I married Hughes, I told him I had 4 girls.  I also told him that
one of them demanded more of my time and attention
than the other 3 put together.  He didn't believe me.
He believes me now. Because Facetiming emergencies are a real thing.
3:  This is a real text that really happened yesterday.  She was in the middle of high school. 
Not even close to the end of the day.  She completely expected donuts to appear
to her, who knows how, because she really needed them.  That really happened.
4:  If that kid needs one more poster board, or one more glue stick, or one more
bottle of glitter.  I mean, the glitter I have bought her over the years
embarrasses even me.  AND I LOVE GLITTER.

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