Friday, September 18, 2015

Every Single Moment.

1 sent me this picture yesterday.
One of the cute little girls in the pic had posted it on Facebook.
I was standing at the park, with several Moms from my Ward.
Our children were running and screaming and playing wildly around us.
We were all talking and laughing.
And I opened the text from 1.
From 25 and 9/10s year old 1.
and the day suddenly stood still.
And I stood there, with life screaming wildly around me.
And time stood still.
My eyes teared instantly.
As I looked at her sweet face.
Her precious, perfect, unbelievably sweet face.
I remember this time in her life like it was yesterday.
I remember that face.
I remember her big blue eyes.
I remember her sensitive spirit, and her forgiving soul.
I remember that hair.
I remember doing her hair like that EVERY DAY because she had some
weird curly hair in front and it made it so cute.
I remember her lips, with her slightly puffy bottom lip from when she fell
and bit it mostly off, and the scar was still there.
I remember the shirt she was wearing. It was forest green.
I remember painstakingly putting together her outfits for preschool.
This picture is her preschool class.
She is top row, second from the left.  Obviously.
I remember her personality.
I remember she was always shy at first, and then the most popular kid in class.
I remember she was always the tallest.
I remember she was always the first to read.
I remember she was the fastest, most athletic kid, even at that age.
I remember bathing her at night.
I remember how she loved getting her scalp scrubbed.
I remember reading her a book EVERY night.  I never missed.
I remember having to wake her up for almost 30 minutes every day because she slept so hard.
I remember her wanting cold cereal for every meal.
I remember her food pickiness.  It exists still today.
I remember her playing with almost every kid in this picture.
I remember all of these kids vividly except for 2.
The redhead, Amanda, lived around the corner and was a fierce friend.
Lower left, Cortney, is my cousin's daughter and looks the same today.
Bottom row third from the left is McKell.  Her Mom and I were pregnant together.
I remember it all.
I loved it all.
I loved raising her and loving her and cheering her on
 and being with her and talking to her and crying with her
 and hugging and kissing her and praying for her
and praying with her and just being her Mom.
1's Mom.
I remember every single moment.
I loved every single moment.
I would do every single moment over if I could.
Being her Mom has been the best time of my life.

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