Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Precious and Her Room.

A few things about 4's room:
I let her design every. single. part.
She chose every color, every piece of art, every piece of fabric.
I also let her know that this is a TEN YEAR room.
Which will take her through college, if she lives at home.
So she better think it through, and she better love it.
And she did and she does.  And she did SUCH a good job.
And she made her own quilt, and she really, honestly plays vinyl records on her player.
And she strums her guitar and sings at the top of her lungs.
And she wanted the "I Hope You Dance" board for her hooks.
That thing has been in our house since the mid 90s, but every word rings true.
It's every thing I want for her.
And so is her room.  It's perfect.
Also, we are not professional photographers. 
Dear 4:
Most of all I want you to be happy.
And not just happy happy.
But crazy silly ridiculous happy.
You deserve the World, and all of it's magic.
And when I tell you I love you,
I don't say it out of habit.
I say it to remind you that
you are the best thing that has
ever happened to me.
And if I had the choice, I would
choose you everytime.
I really love you.
So much.

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