Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Day Hunky Turned 4.

 This little boy.
He is incredible.
He is the sweetest, happiest, good sportiest, sharingest
kid in the universe.
This little one sometimes gets overlooked, sandwiched in between
the crazy personality of Dashing and the ridiculous flirtatiousness of Suave.
He is shy.  He is quiet.
He studies people before he goes in.
But make no mistake,
this kid is going places.
This kid is beautiful, inside and out.
This kid is going to make the most loyal friend.
He is already the most loyal brother.
This kid has been the best son,
and he will be the best son.
This kid tries so hard to be good, and obedient.
This kid is crazy athletic, and loves to compete.
This kid is going to do big things, just wait.
And today?  Today is his birthday.
Today we celebrate him and only him.
Dear B:
Happy Birthday Hunky!
Celebrating you is just about my favorite thing to do.
I am SO thrilled that it's me.
That I'm your Mom.
Sometimes I can't believe my luck.
That out of all of the little boys in the
Universe, I got you.
You are amazing.
You are gorgeous.
You are so SO loved.
Oh, B.
I hope today is your most magic day ever.
Because out of everyone in the World?
You deserve it.  Don't forget.

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