Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tours Of The Farmhouse: Dreamy's Room

 3's Room was actually done before 4's.
The reason the post is later is because BOTH of
these bedrooms are usually a disaster, and 4 believed my
threats better and cleaned hers first.
In other news, I've changed my stance on messy rooms.
I used to not care.
Both 1 and 2 went through EPIC messy stages, and for some reason I didn't care.
But for some reason now I do.
And so for some reason they don't get their phones unless their rooms are clean now.
It's effective.  Not gonna lie.
And just like 4, 3 100 percent designed and helped install
every single inch of her room.
Her style is much more like mine than 4's is.
Crisp clean white walls with pops of color.
And lots of pink.
That's my girl.
Dear 3:
You have an eye.
You really, really do.
You have an eye for design.
You have an eye for fashion.
You have an eye for music.
You even have an eye for Twitter.
It's weird.
You seem to know what's going
on before it even goes on.
And your room?
It's for sure going on.
And you?
You are going on awesome.
I mean, you are past awesome.
You are perfection.
And I love you.
SO much.

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