Friday, October 23, 2015

Hughes Obsession with Our Sleeping Children, continued.....

 So life has been going on.
Things have been happening.
You know, life.
I'm a slave to my calendar, as usual.
Go time around here is around 3:30 til &7:00 every day.
Except Tuesday.
Glorious, glorious Tuesday.
When NOTHING is scheduled except for
a piano lesson before school.
That is the day we have FHE.  Because if we tried to
have it on Monday, we would have to wait for
3 and 5 to get home from work and gym, respectively.
And then no one would be awake to enjoy it.
But Tuesday?
We all enjoy Tuesdays.
Tuesdays are my love.
Tuesdays are my life.
To Tuesday.

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