Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just Grateful.

 I'm just super grateful today for my beautiful life.
For this precious, PRECIOUS Grandboy of mine. 
I look at his face and I can't believe I get to be his Grandma.  I love him so much. 
He is perfect and delicious and happy and my heart can't even handle him. 
For these GORGEOUS little twin boys.  I mean, how in the World, out of
every little boy in the Universe, I got them for my babies just stuns my heart.
They are both the hardest and the best part of my day, without fail. 
The joy on their faces when their cousin Trent shows up every Tuesday?
It's magic.

For the intermittent sweetness of
Logan, Britain and Ryan.
They bicker. 
But when they come together?
I can't even handle it.  Like last night,
when they sang me the song in the video
at the bottom.  Can you even handle it?
They were singing.  TO ME!!
For my sweet SWEET baby girl.
The one who was such a shock to us just 2 years ago.
The one who sprints through the house so quickly she is blurry.
Check out the proof below.
This baby is everything good in the World.
Every one of us would die without her.
For my incredible home.
I can't believe I get to live here.
My house is perfect, and my yard?  Pure magic.
For my joyful children.
Jordan Ann
Logan Laine
Britain Alexandra
Ryan Elizabeth
Daisy Dora
Jesse Thomas
Joseph Teancum
Louis Luck
Baby Girl
Every single one of them saved my life.
Every single one of them brings me pure happiness.
Every. Day.
For my Handsome Husband.
He really did save us, all those years ago.
I mean, we would have been fine and happy without him.
But complete?  Never.
Every night, as I watch him explain the Book of Mormon
to the mesmerized faces of my children, in stories and words
they can understand, I just can't even believe my life.
I'm just Grateful.

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