Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Day My Little Suave Turned Four.

 It came!
His big day FINALLY came.
Of the 3 boys, he is the littlest AND the youngest.
And trust me, he knows it.
He is also the suavest.
He is also very flirty.
He is also ridiculously handsome.
He spins big, funny stories.
He runs faster and does better tricks, just to show he can.
And he likes to smile.
Lots and lots and lots of smiles.
Of the 3 boys he is the littlest.
but man is he the wowest.
Dear C:
I've been thinking today,
About the day I picked you up.
Well, Daddy, me, and 4 did.
You were 6 weeks old.
Daddy picked you up out of the car seat you were in.
And you looked straight at him and giggled.
You were 6 weeks old!
And you have been happy ever since.
And you are SO loved.
And SO wanted.
And you make us SO happy and SO proud.
And I hope this birthday is everything you could ever want and more.
Lots more.
Because you?
You are more than I could ever want in a little boy.
And I love you.
So much.
Happy Birthday little one!

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