Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

 Halloween 2015 Highlights:
Baby Perfect screamed BLOODY MURDER about her pink poodle costume as it was going on, but as soon as people started fawning over her, she realized that she was the cutest kid in the universe.  Also, while trick or treating, she walked the entire way and would not let a single person touch her candy bucket.
If the boys' costumes look familiar, it's because you saw them last year.
Seriously, they were so stoked to wear them again they would have been crushed had I bought new costumes.  So we just rotated to the right and wala, they were something new.  I'm a genius like that.
Tinkerbell had been planning her costume since last Halloween, when she was crushed to find out that she had not, in fact, grown enough to fit into the costume.  She didn't really fit well this year either, but we jacked that baby up and she was never the wiser.  Trust me, there has never been a happier Tinkerbell in the history of Tinkerbells.
Can we just pause for a minute to admire my big girl kitty cat's perfect face?
Her face!  It's so perfect I can't even stand it.
4 dressed up in two different costumes this year.
4 didn't get a picture in either one.
Neither did 4's mother.
But, for the record, she was a 21 Pilots band member, and then she was Princess Tiana.
3 went to an Annual Gigantic Halloween Party a kid throws every year.
It's pretty genius, he charges at the door, it gets bigger by the year.
He is using the money to pay for his upcoming Church mission.  That's a win-win folks.
Anyways, her and her homies dressed up like thugs and if there is a picture floating around I haven't seen it.  I'm so upset I'm not even talking to her.  I'm not kidding.  The only part of her costume I got to see were the fake tattoos she had drawn on her arms with a SHARPIE, because why not, which graced her body during Church the next day.  That was super duper fun for me.
Carver!!!!  Carver!!!! 
The joy on his face in this picture kills me.
I don't know how I will survive my entire life with him in another State for holidays.
It hasn't gotten easier.  I love him so much.
And he pretty much nailed Halloween.
He pretty much nails everything.

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