Thursday, November 5, 2015

School Pictures! School Pictures! 2015-2016

 Jesse Thomas Hughes (Tommy)
4 years old, Miss Jodi's Preschool
Best personality trait: He LOVES to scratch my arms and legs. Favorite kid this week.
First of all, when I say school pics, I mean taken in the back yard with
my IPhone.  Been doing it for years, costs 5 bucks to get an 11X14 from Walmart.
It's like I'm a genius.
Second of all, I realize the boys look like Amish teenagers.
 This was before church and before tie tying.  I crop it for my wall so only their faces show.
  It's my favorite.  An 11x14 of each kid's face on my wall!!
Third of all, I stop doing it their senior year. 
So when Baby is graduated high school, I will
have nine senior year pics on my wall, which will live IN INFAMY.
Fourth of all, of course I cropped out the cinderblock in baby's picture.
Fifth of all, this is the time of year, from Oct 29th until Dec 13th, when we have
 Joseph Teancum Hughes (Joey)
4 years old, Riggs Elementary Priority Preschool
Best personality trait:  The kid NEVER stops smiling and laughing.  Like ever. 
 Louis Luck Hughes (Louie)
4 years old, not attending school yet
Best personality trait: Making up grandiose stories about his fake school and fake friends and fake homework.  EVERY. DAY.
 Daisy Dora Hughes
6 years old, 1st Grade at Weinberg Elementary
Best personality trait: Guilting us into doing her homework packet on Monday even though it's not due until Friday.  Sometimes we stay strong, sometimes she is super convincing.
 Britain Alexandra Brown
16 years old, 10th Grade at Perry High School
Best personality trait: She can drive now, so I have to drive MUCH less.  Her stock around here is pretty high right now.
 Ryan Elizabeth Brown
13 years old, 8th grade at Payne Junior High School
Best personality trait:  Like 2 before her, this one is in the gifted program with the super nerds.  It's my favorite.  Honestly, it's like they are sequestered into their own hallways and they don't associate with the riff-raff.  That may sound un PC but Junior High is brutal and I don't have to worry.  Sue me.
Baby Girl
23 months old, not attending school
Best personality trait:  She does have a name, and it will be announced when she is adopted.
Until then, we call her Baby Perfect and that is what she is.  She lights up our lives.

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