Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She Can Do This All Day Long.

Google how much it costs per month for a
Level 10 Gymnast at a Top Gym.
(ie Desert Devils in Mesa, Arizona).

The kid better be able to stand on her hands all day.

No, but seriously. I have been picking her up and dropping her off for so many years, most of the time I take her ridiculously mad skills for granted. So when she pops off and does something silly like stand on her hands for however long she wants in whatever position she wants, it just reminds me what a Talented Kid she is. Kind of like a Super Hero. A 4 foot 10 1/2 inch Super Girl.

Her season is starting soon..... she will probably miss the first meet in Las Vegas because:
a. she is healing from a stress fracture she suffered in September, and
b. she sacrificed this meet to go to Utah to see her Sister, Dad, and the rest of her family. She knew if she went she wouldn't be ready, but she went anyway.

You might think that would make me frustrated, considering all the MONEY we have paid getting ready for the season, but it doesn't. Not at all.
That is exactly the choice she should have made.
What a good girl.
Anyway, the season is coming, and you can get her schedule at:

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