Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 + 4 = Set B.

I like to call these two Set B. Set B has quite a fiery little combination of personalities. Set B consists of 3, who is the older sister and the Boss/Mother, and 4, who is at the mercy of 3 and regularly tries to escape her grip but is usually very unsuccessful.

This is what Set B did today:

1. After a heated argument with 2, (of Set A) about hair accessories and who was allowed to borrow said accessories (namely not 4), 3 implored me to take her to the ribbon store. At the ribbon store she agonized over the hair accessory makings. After choosing the sparkliest ones, we headed home where she promptly created the clips and stated "There, now me and 4 will have our own clips and 2 is NOT allowed to borrow them." Moral of the story: Don't mess with 4 and her hair or 3 will take care of it.

2. 4 begged all afternoon after Ice Skating to go to Bo's house. Bo has sparkly blue eyes and is very popular among the 7 year old set in the neighborhood. I said "Sure, give Bo a call and see if she can play." Clearly, I wasn't thinking, because 3 interjected just then with "4, is your room clean? You know your room has to be clean on Saturday, here, I will go check it for you."

Yes. This really happened.

Upon an inspection in which 4 earned a B-, 3 deemed it ok for 4 to play with Bo. Moral of the story: All those cleaning inspections I have been conducting for the past 17 years have transformed at least one of my children into me.
3. On the way out the door, 3 informed 4 that she would walk her to Bo's to make sure she got there safely. (Calm down everyone, I was going to walk her. This IS the city after all.) On the way, 4 begged 3 to push her in our giant front yard tree swing.

3 can't resist when 4 begs.

Moral of the story: 3 doesn't quite trust me to make sure 4 gets to where she needs to be.
On the way to Bo's. 3 instructed 4 that they would walk and hold hands. That lasted about 5 steps.
And then this happened:
What can I say about 3? I had to practice for 10 years before I was as good of a Mom as she is now to 4.

She shows me up. She shows me up good.


  1. hahaha, i can just see you out front taking pictures of this because you knew you wanted to blog about it! adorable :)

  2. Oh Amber.... I do admit that the inspection picture was staged after the fact. But that doesn't change the fact that this really happened. Sometimes I wonder how old 3 really is........


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