Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good News. And Bad News.

Good News: It has always totally been my intention to throw together quick, healthy Saturday night dinners for my kids. I think about it. I mean to do it. I feel good about thinking about it and meaning to do it.

Bad News: 9 out of 10 Saturdays it is takeout in front of the TV.

Good News: These three would much rather have takeout Panda in front of the TV.
MAJOR Good News: 2 showed me how to blank out FG and FB's faces so their bodies can go on my blog and you guys can see how ridiculously lucky we are to have them. And how adorable they are. Just as long as you can't actually identify them or anything.

Bad News: You guys can't really see how beautiful this little one is. My descriptive writing, good as it may be, could never do her justice. When she came to us last December 22nd, in the middle of the night, filthy, in only a diaper, with her hair stuck to the front of her face, I gently lifted the hair back to see her, and I started giggling. In the middle of the night, in front of CPS, standing in the street. Because she is that gorgeous.

Good News: We love taking care of her and making her pretty.

Good News: We got to take care of the fabulous W boys Micah, Joah, and baby Jude.

Bad News: When Jude cried, FB cried. And it was so cute that they maybe cried a little more than they should have? Not sure.

Good News: My boy is exactly the size he should be, and he is exactly 3 months older than Jude. And that is good news because our family lives for football. No pressure, Jude. No pressure.
Good News: Our Wii is back after a long absence.

Bad News: Micah wouldn't sit in my lap like he would when he was little because of the Wii.

Good News: Despite this Joah sighting in the playroom, he spent most of the night running the halls of the house with FG playing tag. What I would do for a video of that. It entertained them for hours. Joah: If you are reading this, come back soon!

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