Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obviously I just found a stack of old pictures of the girls and their cousins.

I'm super irritated today. And I need a favor.

Those of you who are my friends, and aren't intimidated by me (hello, Mrs. Officer and Mrs. Landlady, and Mrs. Clean) if my blog EVER starts sounding like one of those self-important, my kids are so much better than your kids, I'm the most perfect wife and mother in the world blogs, walk over to my house, open the door, walk in, find me, smack me upside the head. Hard.

Thank you.

Now on to these little delights:
Taken at 2's and J the 2nd's baptism. Which happened together. The story has been told a million times, but I'll tell it again. These two girls were planned together. By me and Mrs. Clean. When she was married to my brother that is. And they cooperated with us and were both girls. And now they are 2 months apart (which means that I got the job done first, thankyouverymuch), and both going to be seniors at MHS. And they work together coaching gymnastics, and they actually love each other. Holy Cow.....How awesome is that? Seriously!!! Our plan worked! When does that ever happen???? Okay, I'm calm.
Taken in our old life, in Utah. 3 jumping on her bed with one shoe off and one shoe on. And a crazy look on her face. I dare you to post a crazy-look picture of one of YOUR kids perfect blogger ladies!! Okay, I'm calm.
Taken in San Diego. Of 2. 2 words, 2: GA. ROSS.
Taken at one of 1's many out of town basketball tournaments. I'm telling you, the girl was an athlete. Anyways, the J's came to watch the tournament and to hang with us. It makes me seriously sick to my stomach to look at this picture. WHERE did the time go? It's such poop. 1 is a grown-up, with a baby I might add. J the 1st is an Elder on a Mission for Heavenly Father in Tennessee, 2 and J the 2nd are going to be SENIORS in High School, J the 3rd is going into 8th grade. My goodness, 8th grade! Is that right? 3 is going into 6th and little 4 is going into 4th. Is that right??? You can NOT be serious! Okay, I'm calm.
Taken on a day when 3 obviously had taken some mysterious leg-growing pill that made her legs look 3 times too long. But posted anyways because she is holding 4. And all pictures of 2-year-olds holding their baby sisters should be posted. Even if they look a little deformed.
Taken one day at a mall. I actually remember this day. 2 and J/2nd were around 10ish. I know this because 2 still looks normal sized.
And to wrap it up: Taken on the afore-mentioned baptism day. This was such a great day, mostly because 2 had to wait an agonizing TWO months for J/2nd to turn 8. Because they wanted to be baptized together. On the same day. And then when J/2nd turned 8 she got Pneumonia, and they both had to wait an agonizing month more. But they survived. And they remember this day still. What a great day.

And now I am calm.

But the challenge above still stands. You three had better not let me down.

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