Friday, July 1, 2011


I remember the summer before my Senior year of high school with an almost-perfect clarity.

I took Government in Summer school. Just to get ahead.

I was, again, a varsity cheerleader at Mesa High for the upcoming year.

I had a brief, and surprisingly yucky, summer job at Dunkin Donuts with my BFF Mrs. Mosely.

At home it was just me, my mom, and my two brothers. And that was some serious bliss. After a lot of years of non-bliss. That was bliss.

And I had a friend named K. She had a gigantic, 20 year old white convertible. We were free as birds that summer, crashing pools, hanging out at the mall (it WAS the 80's) and going to 18 and under clubs at night. Do they still have those? I sure hope not, because none of my girls will be gracing them.

That was a good summer.
And here she is. In exactly the same summer. With a great best friend and endless possibilities. I hope with all of my heart she is seizing this summer and feeling carefree and happy and pressure-less. Because next summer, it's on with real life. But not this summer.

Dear 2:

Please be carefree and happy. No pressure this summer, just fun. Promise me.


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