Friday, July 22, 2011

Come. Home. Right. Now.

Dear 3 and 4:

I miss you. Do you miss me? Only three more days to go. In case you were wondering how we are doing here, it is a little different without you.
The dishwasher only runs every other day. The whole house stays clean all day, kind of like magic. The doors stay shut. There are enough towels for everyone and I haven't washed a load once. No one is bickering. No one is begging me to take them swimming. I am on a dinner-making vacation. The grocery bill was lower by about 30% the past two weeks. There are always pretzels and wheat thins in the pantry. We haven't ran out of milk once. Not one single time.
In other words, I am miserable without you. Come. Home. Right. Now.


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