Monday, July 25, 2011

They Came Back. Because I went to get them.

There is nothing quite like my 3nd round trip to Utah in the space of three months.

I keep thinking that maybe the view will change, or I will get lucky and see something I have never seen, or my car will learn how to drive itself and I can watch dvd's in the back seat.

Sadly, none of those things are happening for me. I'm not sure why, because heaven knows I deserve all of them.
I'm kind of afraid to ask Hughes if he realized all of these trips would happen when he married into this girl family.

Not that the answer matters. Hughes envisions himself born in 1953. Back when men did the driving. Not because women can't drive, but because men did the driving so their women wouldn't have too. That is really how he feels. That is really how lucky I am.
In other news, this is what they did as soon as they got in the car. When 3 saw the picture today, she was a little embarrassed that her obvious love for her sister was documented. I mean, I see it documented all of the time, but she works really, really hard to make sure the rest of the world doesn't see it. She is cool, people. She is way too cool to be in obvious love with her little sister. Except that she is.

And no, I didn't let them ride like this. Do you even know me at all?

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