Monday, March 25, 2013

No Going Back.

 Well, it's here.
I mean, it's not blazing hot yet, that will come in May.
But for all intents and purposes, summer has come to Arizona.

We had a super nice winter and spring.
Awesome, unexpected amounts of overcast days, breezes, and most exciting....rain!
It even snowed in Mesa for a minute
It was really slushy hail.
But we will take it.
 But...that is all over now.
The pants have officially been packed away.
The Old Navy $2 flip flops have been purchased.
It's here.

And my absolutely most favorite part of 
the day is morning time.
Outside play for hours.

The Farm is so good for my kids.
They never ever get tired of being outside.

So much grass...
So many trees...
So much concrete, for bikes and scooters.

Life is so good.

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