Friday, March 22, 2013

Setting The Bar For The World.

 I used to be super judgmental about people and drugs.
People on drugs, really.
And I still am, to a degree.
I mean, people don't have the right to do drugs, period.
They wreck families, lives, children.  They wreck everything.

But I have become smarter in my old age.
And I know everything isn't black and white.
And a person who has made the monumentally stupid decision to become
involved with drugs isn't a person of no redeemable worth or value.

They have worth.
And trust me they have value.
 Meet Leeanna.
She is Daniel and Layla's Mommy.
(Layla is Daniel's 3 year old sister, she was with a different foster family)

Leeanna had a life that read like a Dickens novel.
Like the saddest story Charles Dickens could conjure.
Abandoned by both parents at a super young age.
(No one understands how that feels unless they have been through it.)
(I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.)

Left in the care of elderly grandparents ill-equipped to deal with a child abandoned by both parents.

So, babies and drugs happened with Leeanna.
They just did.

But fast forward to January, 2012
(three months BEFORE Daniel was born)
That was the night CPS was called on her and they took Layla.
(And then they took Daniel at birth, and he was given to me to love.)

Anyways, back to January.

That day she stopped doing everything wrong she ever did.
She had no Mother.
She had no Father.
She had no siblings in any position to help her,
No friends, really.

She had noone but herself.

And she decided, THAT DAY.
To do whatever it took to be a good Mother.
To provide a family and a home for her children.
On her own.
She knew no one was going to do it for her,
she had to do it for herself.

(note to Democrats:  People have to do these things by themselves.  
They have to have the will, the desire, the resolve.  You can't "educate" them into having these things. 
 Or "provide 8 million services" into having these things.)

And she did.

She did everything they asked.


This is unprecedented in the world of CPS.

That girl decided to be a good person, and she woke up every day and
tried and improved and did what it took.

With no support at all.
Except from me and Hughes
We supported her.
Cautiously at first, and then as time went on, whole-heartedly.
 And now she has Daniel.
She has Layla.
She has a drug-free life.
She has an awesome Husband. (recent)
(Seriously, the guy knocks our socks off!)
She has a beautiful little apartment with grassy yards.
She has a car.
She has a job.
And she has me.
Did I already say that?
She has me forever, because 1) I love her, and 2) I can't live without my Dan.

And the government didn't do it for her.
She did it for herself.

I'm so proud of her.

I had them all over for Dinner a few Sundays ago.
It was awesome.
And all of my worries that Dan would forget me, would forget us,
were proven unfounded.  He came in, he smiled from ear to ear,
he drooled all over me, he hugged me, he kissed me.
And then he got down and went straight for the books.
Something he did all day, every day, when he lived here.

I love him so much.
I miss him every day.
But I know he is exactly where he should be.

Dear Leeanna:
You have Set The Bar, girl!
I can't even listen to sob stories
from any of my other Mothers any more.
None of them are alone like you were.
None of them have a story like you did.
And none of them are even coming close
to doing what you have done.

I am so proud of you!

Keep it up.....I know you can. and I know you will.

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